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Some of the exercises will use a chair. Make sure the chair you are using does not have wheels. If it does, lean it against a wall or stable surface so it does not slide. If a sturdy chair is not available, we recommend that you use a sturdy desk, table or bench. For demo purposes, we will be using a chair.

Don’t forget to hydrate with water every 10–15 minutes during the workouts, especially on cardio days!

4-Way Hip


# Alpha Vid

Assisted Burpee

Assisted 4-Way Hip

A Alpha Vid

Assisted Half Burpee

Assisted Mountain Climber

Assisted Mountain Climber - Increased Intensity

Assisted Pushup

Body Weight Squat

Body Weight Squat with Calf Raise

B Alpha Vid

Butt Kick


Chair Mountain Climber

Chair Plank

C Alpha Vid

Chair Sit and Stand

Close Grip Incline Pushup

Close Grip Incline Pushup with 1-Second Pause

Concentration Curl 21

Diamond Incline Pushup

Decline Pushup

D Alpha Vid

Dip - Full Extension

Dip - Modified

Forward and Backward Hop

Floating Chair

F Alpha Vid

Good Morning

Full Range Shoulder Circuit

G Alpha Vid

Half Dip

Good Morning with 1-Second Pause

H Alpha Vid

Half-Sit with Air Punch

Hammer Curl with Isometric Hold

High Knees

Hip Hinge

Incline Pushup

Ice Skaters (Basic)

I Alpha Vid

Jumping Jack

Jump Squat

J Alpha Vid

Lateral Incline Pushup

Jumping Lunge

L Alpha Vid

Lateral Lunge

Lateral Squat

Left Side Plank with Hip Lift

Leg Swing

Modified Jumping Jack


M Alpha Vid
P Alpha Vid

Pistol Squat

Power March In Place

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