Some of the exercises will use a chair. Make sure the chair you are using does not have wheels. If it does, lean it against a wall or stable surface so it does not slide. If a sturdy chair is not available, we recommend that you use a sturdy desk, table or bench. For demo purposes, we will be using a chair.

Don’t forget to hydrate with water every 10–15 minutes during the workouts, especially on cardio days!

4-Way Hip



Assisted Burpee

Assisted 4-Way Hip


Assisted Half Burpee

Assisted Mountain Climber

Assisted Mountain Climber - Increased Intensity

Assisted Pushup

Body Weight Squat

Body Weight Squat with Calf Raise


Butt Kick


Chair Mountain Climber

Chair Plank


Chair Sit and Stand

Close Grip Incline Pushup

Close Grip Incline Pushup with 1-Second Pause

Concentration Curl 21

Diamond Incline Pushup

Decline Pushup


Dip - Full Extension

Dip - Modified

Forward and Backward Hop

Floating Chair


Good Morning

Full Range Shoulder Circuit


Half Dip

Good Morning with 1-Second Pause


Half-Sit with Air Punch

Hammer Curl with Isometric Hold

High Knees

Hip Hinge

Incline Pushup

Ice Skaters (Basic)


Jumping Jack

Jump Squat


Lateral Incline Pushup

Jumping Lunge


Lateral Lunge

Lateral Squat

Left Side Plank with Hip Lift

Leg Swing

Modified Jumping Jack



Pistol Squat

Power March In Place